Sharpen your mind and body

Besides all the other benefits of a martial art (physically and mentally) — we're one of the most economical ways to get fit (and stay fit).

Free Trial

If you're a new student, your first 30 days are free. We want you to be able to try risk-free, and it's a great way to ease into a martial art. Set up an appointment with Sifu to get started.

No Contracts

Kung fu and tai chi will change your life if you let it. We don't have contracts that force you to agree to months (or a year) in advance. If you need a break, or if we're not a good fit, just give us 30 days notice and we'll cancel your membership — no drama.


Through the years, we've done everything possible to keep our rates affordable. We hate to label our life's passion as affordable; we have some of the most experienced and respected teachers in the area and we take what we do very seriously. But many of us are also parents with kids in other activities or gym memberships of our own, so we get it — we know things can get tight.

Longmont Pricing

Kids Classes (Kung Fu or Tai Chi for one)
Adult Kung Fu or Tai Chi
Adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi
Family (Adults and kids)