Kung fu is skill acquired through significant time and effort.

It could be any skill: architecture, teaching, whatever skill you want to shine at; in our case, we put our time and effort into martial arts.

A gung fu man rests therein, and because he rests, he is at peace. Because he is at peace, he is quiet. One who is at peace and is quiet, no sorrow or harm can enter; therefore his inner power remains whole and his spirit intact.
— Bruce Lee

What We Do

We focus on the whole person — training you in general fitness and martial arts to make you stronger. Stronger physically, stronger mentally. Martial arts isn’t just learning how to fight, it’s about learning to control yourself, and by extension, the world around you. These lessons translate to whatever your goals are: school, work, life — everything.

Martial arts has the unique ability to bring its practitioners confidence, grace, and strength while also allowing you to learn to defend yourself (or others).

As an added bonus, kung fu and tai chi help you achieve a quiet mind — a state which is increasingly important in our busy, multi-tasking, always-online world. Our practice offers the best of both worlds, teaching both the physical and spiritual aspects of martial art.

How to Get Started

A good first step is for the prospective student to meet with Sifu Keller. The meeting is free, informal, and helps us to understand what you'd like to achieve and helps you to understand more about us: our philosophy, our training style, a typical class.

During the meeting, if you're interested, we'll schedule your first class. Oftentimes, this is a private class and helps you to get acquainted with some of the basics (bowing at the start of class, basic technique, etc.). It's a stress-free way to get integrated at Great Way.

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My granddaughter has attended Great Way Chinese Martial Arts Center in Longmont for four years, When she started, she was very shy and had low self esteem and confidence. Under the teaching, guidance and encouragement of Sifu Keller and all the positive and caring instructors at Great Way, I have watched her blossom and gain self confidence in herself.

Rosanne M.

Our family loves Great Way! Amazing teaching and great options for classes. I highly recommend them to anyone (adult or child) looking for classes.

Gina K.

Mi hijo mayor de 11 años a practicando Kung Fu en esta escuela y con Sifu Keller por cerca de tres años y mis otros dos hijo e hija de 8 años tienen cerca de 7 meses practicando con el, a mis hijos les gusta mucho ir a esta escuela de Kung Fu, mi esposa y yo estamos encantados en la forma que Sifu Keller y toda su familia tratan a nuestros hijos, Sifu Keller es una persona excepcional, yo les recomendaria que si estan buscando una buena escuela para que sus hijos practiquen artes marciales no busquen mas llevenlos a Great Way.

Francisco H.

I’ve been training on and off with Sifu Keller for over 10 years and I’ve always felt welcomed and supported by him and his team of student instructors. Sifu is a gifted athlete who practices a level of discipline and effort that is contagious; he inspires you to press yourself physically and mentally.

Robert W.

With 25 years of martial arts experience, practiced in 4 different countries, I got pleasantly surprised when a co-worker introduced me to Great Way and Sifu Keller’s training. Warm-up, forms, techniques, self-defense to mental attitude and training. These are all well thought-through and Sifu Keller does a great job at transferring his knowledge to the students. If you are curious about Kung-Fu then I recommend to pay Great Way a visit. It is worth it :)

Kjell H.

My son has been going here for a little over a year after transferring from another local Martial Arts school. He loves his classes and Sifu Keller. My son is very shy and I appreciate that Sifu Keller is insightful enough to push him just enough-too much and he would shut down; instead he is blossoming into a more confident and capable young man. Since he has started training here he has said repeatedly he never wants to change schools or stop attending Great Way. I wish I could give this school 10 stars. Come see for yourself!

Christina S.

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